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Harga Baru mulai 25 Jun 2010. Sekeping A4 hanya RM18 berbanding harga lama RM20.

Kos pengeposan tetap cam biasa ye.. Kalo posmen tu baik ati n kurangkan harga, kita kurangkan le ye.. Pengeposan hanya RM6 sahaja untuk Semenanjung Malaysia, Sabah & Sarawak. Tenkiu!

If you are on cul-de-sac & have no ideas to decorate your cakes, edible image are the simplest solutions. For instance, do check at here and choose any of the cartoon images. You will amaze to see what we can do to assist you.

We can change this image...

and this image

into this image

The best part is only RM3 for this excellent image editing.

Edited Images Gallery

Image 1

Actual pix

Yummylicious engagement cake edible image

Image 2

Actual pix

Final result - Nice n simple b'day edible image

Image 3 

Image 4

Feel free to ask us. We will do our best to assure your satisfaction..

Cartoon Image Collection

This is a few of available cartoon image collection for your selection. You can use your own selection of cartoon images by email me. You will be amaze with the outcome of the editing. View it at Edited Images Section.

Upin Ipin Collections

Barbie Collections

Ben10 Collections

Bob the Builder Collections

Kungfu Panda

Powerpuff Collections

Sponge Bob Collections


Pooh Collections





Edible Images are images printed onto a thin edible paper mainly rice paper, sugar paper or wafer substance, while the ink is usually concocted from soy products or egg whites and food colouring. Edible images have been approved by the Food and Drug Administration and carry its Generally Recognized as Safe certification.

 Edible Images imej yang dicetak pada kepingan kertas boleh dimakan yang biasanya adalah kertas daripada beras, kertas gula dan bahan² biskut manakala dakwatnya dibuat daripada produk soya ataupun putih telur dan pewarna makanan. Ianya diluluskan dan selamatkan untuk dimakan.

Why decorate using edible image?
Edible image is a new decoration method which is easy and photos are real as original images and attractive. Besides, we at Edible Image Utara only charging RM2 for editing on picture. So, you can add your own wording and personal touch on cakes and cupcakes. 

This is the example:

Original: The picture contrast looks odd.

Final Editing result- Image editing with wording

Image on cake. Yummylicious..

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Notes About Editing Charges

For time being, there is NO CHARGES inpose for ALL image editing until FURTHER NOTICE.
Make your ordering, NOW! Tq.
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Welcome to Ann's Edible Image Utara - Your solution to Fast, Reliable and Halal Edible Image to cater your needs. We based at Alor Setar but we promise tip top fast delivery for every order.

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Contact Us!

We can be reach at

Email: mamibizi@yahoo.com

Phone: 0192556330 (Hairy)
0195695630 (Ann aka mamibizi)

How To Order

1. Send your pix to mamibizi@yahoo.com and for immediate response just call Hairy (err.. my hubby run this biz, okeh..) 0192556330 and we will response immediately.

2. If you want to view the draft, recommended to email 1 week before collection/expected delivery date otherwise we do our very best to do the image editing.

3. Upon confirmation on ordering, bank-in the due amount to 164052292038 Hairy Abdul Ghani.

4. We deliver to you a.s.ap.

a. 2 working days for peninsular malaysia using pos ekspress/ pos laju.

b. 5 working days for Sabah/Sarawak and others countries.

Our Price

Only RM20 per A4 size.

FREE editing. Editing preview available on request but ordering must be made at least one week early.

Template available soon, ya!

p/s: I can leave the image unedited but editing is FREE!

Image Tips

1. Make sure your image at least 300dpi.
2. Send more than 1 image. Its make easier for us to select the best pix to match with desired theme.
3. Save for image in .jpg format. Other format may cause the final result not as good as if in jpg format.

Placing the Image Tips

Preparing your cake with icing. Make sure the surface are moist. Otherwise, the image wont stick. Applying water to the surface to correct it.of water over it before applying your image.

Peel of the printed image from the backing plastic or simply cut the image the needed images i.e cupcake size.

Always put the middle first towards the either end. When you are satisfied with its position, lay down another end. Slowly rub the images to remove trapped air bubbles & wrinkles.

Walla... Marvelous!

Halal Edible Image Sheet

Yes, 100% Halal.

Edible Image Sheet Ingredients:
Sugar Starch, liquid glucose, gelatine, stabilizer, vege fats, cellulose, titanium dioxide & flavour.

Colour Ingredients:
Water, Propylene glycol, Glycerine, Edible Color